Some COVID-19 Vaccines Approved By WHO

On 1st June 2021, World Health Organization issued a detailed list of the COVID-19 vaccines. And, in that list, a Chinese vaccine named “Sinovac” was also added, which is recommended for people aged above 18. Thus, the Chinese company got the second authorization from the WHO.   Hence, World Health Organization claimed that the data […]

Do You Need A Vaccine If You Already Had COVID-19?

People who have suffered from the COVID-19 infection are now inquiring whether they should be vaccinated after being infected by the virus or not. Some medical experts claim that such people should get their shots done anyway because even after being infected with COVID, there are chances that they might get reinfection. But, why? If […]

PCR Test For COVID-19 – How Does It Work?

Generally, a PCR test is conducted to diagnose the COVID-19. This test detects whether a person is infected with SARS-CoV-2 (coronavirus) or not. It is also termed the “gold standard” test for spotting the COVID-19 because it is the most reliable and accurate test till now. But, people across the world are still unaware of […]

Will Vaccine Affects The Result Of The COVID-19 Test?

The primary purpose of vaccination is to prompt an immune response within the human body by having inactive or weakened parts of a certain organism (antigen). This way, our body becomes able to build the particular antibody that helps us to fight the real antigen (virus or disease). On the other hand, we know that […]