Coronavirus Vaccines to Finally Reach the People in the United States

A few months ago, the vaccines were finally put on the table for clinical trials (Phase 1 to 3). However, the authorities didn’t deploy the full stock of vaccines into clinics. Now, the time has come when Americans can finally get the vaccine, and many of them are already vaccinated in vaccination camps set around the states.

That being said, the quantity of vaccines is still not sufficient to enable the vaccination for everyone. Health authorities around the country have set a prioritization policy, where only the most prioritized candidates would get the vaccine. However, the situation is getting better, or at least the solution is in the funnel.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a statement a week ago, saying that about 43.6 million have received the vaccine dose for Covid-19, including 18.9 million of those who have been completely vaccinated with at least two doses of vaccine.

The newly-elected President Biden took over the vaccine shortage situation by making a promise that 100 million vaccines would be released by his 100th day in the office. President Biden set this objective a while after taking his position in the United States presidency. Despite the claims about his goal not being ambitious enough, he further promised to administer more than 1.5 million doses of Coronavirus vaccine per day in the US.

In the follow-up of this promise, the federal administrators have provided the “emergency approval” to vaccines which are developed by Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna; both vaccines are made in and approved by the US. These vaccines require patients to get two doses with a gap of weeks. It was reported by New York Times that the federal government has partially completed its promise by delivering around 75.2 million doses to different territories, states, and federal organizations.

Despite the noticeable efforts by the state, it is not confirmed when the majority of the people will be able to get completely vaccinated. To this, the experts report to have estimated that around 70 to 90 percent of the US population requires natural resistance to the coronavirus to reach herd immunity; that is when the virus transmission gets noticeably slow due to the people’s natural infection or vaccination protection. That is a threshold that needs to be met by the US population, and a lot of factors play a role in this process, including the vaccination, which is a main foundational aspect.

One way you can get a vaccine is by proving yourself to be a prioritized candidate at your appointment at a vaccination camp. You can do that by getting tested for coronavirus infection, which would prove if you immediately need to be vaccinated. A negative result would lessen your worries, and a positive would hopefully get you an instant qualification for a vaccine.

If you haven’t had your test recently, get your appointment scheduled right now and avail the coronavirus test for free with results in only 15 minutes.

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