Everything You Need to Know About Vaccination Phase 1C of Chicago

Today, on 29th March, Chicago has advanced into Phase 1C of vaccination. City officials announced a week ago that although Illinois would further advance in vaccination distribution by 12th April, Chicago will do as soon as 29th March—because the city and the rest of the state are distributing vaccines on a separate schedule.

Since Phase 1C has just begun, it is important for every citizen to know what they are supposed to do to take advantage of their eligibility in this phase. In this article, we have tried to answer everything regarding Phase 1C. Just keep on reading.


Date of Phase 1C

Phase 1C began on 29th March, and all the people who are supposed to be eligible in Phase 1C can now get the vaccine.

Eligible People of Phase 1C

People who are eligible in Phase 1C are:

  • People with pre-existing medical conditions

These include disabilities (mental, physical, and hearing), thalassemia, skin cell disease, schizophrenia, obesity, pregnancy, liver diseases, heart diseases, chronic kidney diseases, immune deficiencies, down syndrome, neurological disorders, diabetes, pulmonary fibrosis, asthma, respiratory disorders, cerebrovascular disorders, cardiac, cardiovascular, and cancer.

  • People in clergy and religious organizations

Includes people over the age of 65—but prioritizing people over the age of 65 with underlying medical conditions.

  • People in the energy sector

Those who work in manufacturing, distribution, and repair of energy.

  • People in finance

Those in banks, currency exchanges, insurance, accounting, financial institutions, financial markets, title companies, credit unions, appraisers, and consumer lending.

  • People in food and beverages

Includes people working in restaurants, bars, or catering services.

  • Higher educational staff

Includes workers in junior colleges, 4-year colleges, technical schools, universities, educational support services, administration of educational programs, and trade schools.

  • IT and communication staff

Those who work with internet, consumer electronics repair, computer and machine repair, and video and telecommunication.

  • Legal workers

That includes people who provide legal services or work in the judicial system, including lawyers, judges, paralegals, bail bond agents, legal assistants, process servers, couriers, parole officers, and others.

  • Media people

Those who work in television, radio, newspapers, periodicals, and other media services. Also include sectors of newsdealers, newsstands, broadcasting, printing, publishing, news syndicates.

Government-based operation workers, workers in community-based essential functions (like offices that provide basic needs such as childcare, shelter, food), and library workers are also included in this.

  • Apart from all of the above, other people who are a part of the new eligibility criteria are personal care service workers, hygiene workers, laundromats, public health workers, public safety workers, workers in retail, agents in shelter and housing, transporters, and logistic agents, and water workers.

Where to Make an Appointment for Vaccine?

If you are a resident of Chicago and eligible to get a vaccine, or if you need to get tested for COVID-19, you can get free of cost coronavirus test as well as a free coronavirus vaccine, all in one place. To make an appointment, visit Aayu Clinics.

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