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Ever since the pandemic has begun, people have been trying to avoid getting infected by Covid-19 at all costs. One way to prevent yourself from catching this dangerous infection is to take all the precautions and operate with the standard procedure described by CDC, i.e., wearing a mask, avoid public gatherings, and being extremely hygienic. Another way of prevention—that has to be opted along with the former way—is to be vigilant of the virus. Being vigilant means not only caring 100% about your hygiene but also keeping track of the virus.

In the earlier stages of coronavirus pandemic, people were making every possible effort to avoid the infection; they complied with all the standard operating procedures. However, some of them were already infected with Covid-19. Those people were later diagnosed as asymptomatic Covid-19 carriers. The term “asymptomatic” refers to people who are infected but show no symptoms at all. When an asymptomatic person, being unaware that he is infected, interacts with other people and cause the virus to spread, it is known as the symptomatic transmission of Covid-19.

What is our take from such cases?

Well, it is quite visible how you can be extra careful and still get infected. Thus, keeping track of Covid-19 entering your body is as important as taking all the preventive precautions.

Health assistants who stand at the gates of every public place and public transport with a digital thermometer in their hands promote the vigilance for coronavirus. They don’t care if you have Covid-19 or not, if your temperature is suspiciously high, you are risky. So, they separate you from the crowd, and if you have already been involved in a crowd, they will encourage the test of the people in the crowd.

Moreover, self-isolation of infected people is also a way of keeping eyes on the virus. People whose Covid tests result in positive are mandated to stay alone in a confined, sanitized place with all the necessary utilities provided. The point of this necessary isolation is to trap the virus in one place while the treatment of that one infected patient goes on without hindrance. Isolated people use their own separate bathroom, with separate sleeping space, eating space, and all the separate household, disabling the possible transmission of the virus. Such measures of vigilance are important in order to get hold of the virus and stop it.

Among all the ways to be vigilant of the virus, the most important one is the coronavirus test. World Health Organization said a long time ago to all the countries that Covid tests should never stop happening because they are the only way to track the virus in a body with accuracy and treat the patient as it is. Anyone who gets tested is allowing health experts to make the identification of the virus more possible, and thus, playing the role of vigilante.

If you haven’t had already had your Covid test done, get your appointment scheduled right now for a free 15-minute test.

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