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In Chicago, city officials are trying their best to clear the paths of residents so they can make easy appointments at the vaccination site and come on their time and day without any panic. To allow the people of Chicago to get vaccinated without any hurdles is one of the reasons why Chicago and the rest of Illinois were scheduled separately for vaccine distribution.

The city officials witnessed in Phase 1B of the vaccination how some of the members of the elderly group weren’t able to reach vaccination camps, so the city government launched at-home vaccination programs for them after the collaboration with Chicago Fire Department.

The point is, the officials of Chicago are all about making things easier for people. Still, some people don’t have a clear idea about how they should make an appointment for vaccines and where to go for tests.

Well, this article is set to answer all your questions. Just keep on reading.


How to Make a Vaccine and Test Appointment in Chicago?

About the vaccine, the city officials are offering it through Zocdoc, which allows people to go on Zocdoc’s vaccine page and confirm their eligibility before making an appointment. After the eligibility is confirmed, they are shows nearby vaccination camps and clinics, along with the appointment availability that is presented in real-time. Once the eligible people sign up, they will even receive the notification as soon as space opens up and the appointment becomes available.

The city officials also say that some of the people can also make appointments through their employers, local healthcare providers, and pharmacies in their area. There are other vaccination sites in the new phase which can be found on the Chicago government website’s vaccine page.

Despite the presence of multiple vaccination camps, city officials have still announced that all the eligible residents of Chicago will not be able to set their requirements right away due to the limited supply of vaccine doses and the increasing rush of eligible citizens.

A city official, Dr. Allison Arwardy, said that even though Chicago is advanced into the new phase of vaccination, people shouldn’t think that there is magically a huge supply of vaccine, because it isn’t true, because the government has only received enough to advance and allow the large majority to get vaccinated.

Arwardy further said: “I know a lot of people are anxious to be vaccinated and I also know that April is probably going to feel frustrating for some of them, especially early April, but by late April, you know, and into May I do think that we will be at a point that is going to start feeling more like a typical flu vaccine.”

As for tests, you might worry about going to different places for tests and vaccination, but there is good news for you. In a reputable clinic in Chicago, you can get a Free COVID-19 Test and Free COVID-19 Vaccination all in one place, make an appointment now.

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