How to Prepare for New and Upcoming Vaccination Phases in Chicago, Illinois?

Chicago has recently advanced into Phase 1C of vaccination, which is good news for those who haven’t got vaccinated yet because their eligibility time has finally come now. The new vaccination phase means a whole new part of Chicago will be getting vaccinated, which will take the nation one step ahead of the coronavirus infection.

Chicago had been in Phase 1B for quite some time where people over the age of 64 and essential frontline workers got vaccinated. Now, in Phase 1C the government has released a whole new list of eligible people, which basically includes people from all the jobs and all the backgrounds, except children and adolescents.

Since the new phase has just started and it will be followed by another one, Phase 2, residents of Chicago should know everything there is to know about these new and upcoming phases, so they can prepare for it. All the information here is time-sensitive, so we recommend you give it a thorough read. And don’t forget to share this article with other people who might be able to get help from it.


Are you eligible for the new phase?

Phase 1B allowed older people and frontline workers with high exposure to get the vaccine. At the United Center, a mass vaccination site of Chicago, around ten thousand (10,000) vaccine appointments were made available. The city government even launched a vaccination program of at-home vaccines which involved Chicago Fire Department workers visiting elderlies at their homes and old-age homes and delivering them vaccines because they were not able to show up physically at the vaccination site. In other words, the government made sure that every eligible person would be getting the vaccine.

In Phase 1C, the city officials are planning to do the same with the people who are now made eligible. If you are an adult with any of the pre-existing diagnosed medical condition (most included) or if you work in a religious organization, energy sector, finance, food and beverage, higher education, IT and communication, media, legal office, library, social service center, public safety, retail, transport and logistics, and water, you are eligible to get a vaccine in Phase 1C.

Are you tested yet?

Apart from the vaccination, people are also recommended to get tested for COVID-19 because the situation of Chicago is once again predicted to become bad. The risk levels are reported to be increasing by the city officials. And it’s better to get tested now so you can make your identification as a patient more possible.

Where to get the vaccine in Phase 1C?

There are nationally-guarded state-set vaccination camps that allow the people to make an appointment, show proper documents of eligibility, such as employer ID or payment slip, and get the vaccine. Other sites include hospitals, clinics, and a newly-opened mass vaccination site at Cook County, Chicago.

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