Tracking the Covid-19 Vaccine: What’s the Report?

As we all know, the planet has been drowned head-over-heals in the Covid-19 pandemic and is currently in the recovery process, with the hope that the conclusion would come soon. Health organizations are working nonstop to control and reduce the fatality rate with the help of continuous distribution of medical supplies and the development of […]

Children and Coronavirus: When Will They Get the Vaccine?

Although the Americans have their fingers crossed for the conclusion of the pandemic, considering how the 2021 summer would be marked with a milestone of the most adults getting vaccinated. However, the overlooked lives of children have not been estimated yet for the vaccination. This absence of consideration is a big problem – for children, […]

Coronavirus Vaccines to Finally Reach the People in the United States

A few months ago, the vaccines were finally put on the table for clinical trials (Phase 1 to 3). However, the authorities didn’t deploy the full stock of vaccines into clinics. Now, the time has come when Americans can finally get the vaccine, and many of them are already vaccinated in vaccination camps set around […]

Coronavirus Vaccination Update: Those That Are Approved

More than a year ago, coronavirus emerged on the face of the earth. Although the world has battled – got injured and wasted – to defeat the coronavirus, many people around the countries are still vulnerable. And that calls for the requirement of a vaccine. However, we cannot just trust any vaccine. A vaccine provides […]

Coronavirus Vaccine: Everything You Need to Know

Ever since the SARS-Cov-2 was declared a pandemic by World Health Organization (WHO), health institutions worldwide are doing their best to develop the vaccine of the life-threatening virus. However, the development of a vaccine – for any disease – is not that easy; it requires years of research, testing, and a hundred percent assurance before […]

How Coronavirus Affects Children: Parents Should Read Carefully

One of the most affected lives in this pandemic is of children. Young naïve kids have no idea how much their life has turned. What with the schools and play dates being cancelled, children are having an absolutely messed up routine. The uncertainty and irregulation in daily life has built up extremely disturbed, anxious, and […]

The Incubation Period of Coronavirus: Everything You Need to Know

An incubation period refers to the time duration between when the virus first attacks the human and when the symptoms first start to show. It is true that whenever a pathogenic organism attacks a person, the symptoms don’t emerge immediately. It usually takes a few days, or a couple of weeks, for the virus to […]

When Should You Consider Get Tested for Covid-19?

When Covid-19 was first declared a pandemic by WHO, authorities immediately started looking for ways to treat the virus and figure out ways to identify it in patients. After proper research and verification, two kinds of tests were authorized for coronavirus—one is a viral test, and the other is the antibodies test. A viral test […]

PCR Tests for Coronavirus: Everything You Need to Know

In the struggle to track and defeat coronavirus, world health institutions have authorized multiple tests for clinics to perform on potential victims of the Covid-19 infection. One of those tests is PCR, along with antigen tests and antibodies test. PCR, also known as polymerase chain reaction, is a test that looks for Covid-19 right where […]

Antigen Rapid Covid-19 Test: Everything You Need to Know

There are multiple ways to test the infection of coronavirus in the human body. Among all kinds of tests, the quickest one is the Antigen test, also known as a rapid test, because of its ability to provide quick rapid results. Antigen tests aren’t new; they have been used commonly to diagnose respiratory pathogens, such […]

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