Should You Get Tested If You Are Feeling Sick After Being Vaccinated?

Are you suffering from fever along with cold, flu, cough, or sore throat? What could be a reason? Think! Think again! In this pandemic situation, you may think that you have COVID-19. But, you are fully vaccinated. So, the question that will disturb your mind at that time is; should get tested for COVID-19 if […]

Some COVID-19 Vaccines Approved By WHO

On 1st June 2021, World Health Organization issued a detailed list of the COVID-19 vaccines. And, in that list, a Chinese vaccine named “Sinovac” was also added, which is recommended for people aged above 18. Thus, the Chinese company got the second authorization from the WHO. Hence, World Health Organization claimed that the data submitted […]

Where to Get Free COVID-19 Vaccine and Test in Chicago, Illinois?

As Chicago has recently slid into the Phase 1C of vaccination, the appointments are now open at the Chicago State University for people of eligibility. The eligibility criteria for Phase 1C are described on the CDC’s government website; it mainly contains people with pre-existing diagnosed medical conditions and those who work in a selected wide […]

How to Make an Appointment for COVID-19 Vaccination and Test?

In Chicago, city officials are trying their best to clear the paths of residents so they can make easy appointments at the vaccination site and come on their time and day without any panic. To allow the people of Chicago to get vaccinated without any hurdles is one of the reasons why Chicago and the […]

How to Prepare for New and Upcoming Vaccination Phases in Chicago, Illinois?

Chicago has recently advanced into Phase 1C of vaccination, which is good news for those who haven’t got vaccinated yet because their eligibility time has finally come now. The new vaccination phase means a whole new part of Chicago will be getting vaccinated, which will take the nation one step ahead of the coronavirus infection. […]

Everything You Need to Know About Vaccination Phase 1C of Chicago

Today, on 29th March, Chicago has advanced into Phase 1C of vaccination. City officials announced a week ago that although Illinois would further advance in vaccination distribution by 12th April, Chicago will do as soon as 29th March—because the city and the rest of the state are distributing vaccines on a separate schedule. Since Phase […]

How to Make an Appointment for COVID-19 Vaccine and Test in Chicago, Illinois

As of the latest updates, the situation of Chicago, Illinois is critical. With the new Brazilian variant of the Coronavirus strain found in Illinois, the tension among health experts is increasing. Although Chicago runs on a separate timeline than rest of the Illinois, there is no doubt that the risk of transmission is ultimately high. […]

Tracking the Covid-19 Vaccine: What’s the Report?

As we all know, the planet has been drowned head-over-heals in the Covid-19 pandemic and is currently in the recovery process, with the hope that the conclusion would come soon. Health organizations are working nonstop to control and reduce the fatality rate with the help of continuous distribution of medical supplies and the development of […]

Children and Coronavirus: When Will They Get the Vaccine?

Although the Americans have their fingers crossed for the conclusion of the pandemic, considering how the 2021 summer would be marked with a milestone of the most adults getting vaccinated. However, the overlooked lives of children have not been estimated yet for the vaccination. This absence of consideration is a big problem – for children, […]

Coronavirus Vaccines to Finally Reach the People in the United States

A few months ago, the vaccines were finally put on the table for clinical trials (Phase 1 to 3). However, the authorities didn’t deploy the full stock of vaccines into clinics. Now, the time has come when Americans can finally get the vaccine, and many of them are already vaccinated in vaccination camps set around […]

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