Tracking the Covid-19 Vaccine: What’s the Report?

As we all know, the planet has been drowned head-over-heals in the Covid-19 pandemic and is currently in the recovery process, with the hope that the conclusion would come soon. Health organizations are working nonstop to control and reduce the fatality rate with the help of continuous distribution of medical supplies and the development of effective vaccines.

Ever since the WHO has declared coronavirus a pandemic and a life-threatening virus, the health authorities throughout the world are working in collaboration to make sure that the virus stays on the radar and critical interventions are being acknowledged. That being said, the whole process is more complicated than it seems to be. Of course, no one in the current generation has faced such a deadly virus before, so it is natural that facilities would take time to reach their optimum level.

The race of vaccine development is large and competitive, and it involves three vaccines from the United States side; two of them – Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna – are approved, while one – Novavax – is in the pending stage.

In the US, authorities have legalized the use of two approved vaccines. However, the supply of vaccines is short, and the need is undeniable. To create a balance, authorities have declared a “priority” policy where people who are visibly sicker than the others and are carrying the contagious virus are the prioritized candidates of the vaccine, and they are advised to make an appointment at a nearby vaccination camp.

On the other hand, children are waiting curiously to be addressed in this equation. So far, a report on children’s vaccines has been absent. Although President Biden, soon after his commencement as a presidential role, announced that 2 million more Covid-19 vaccines are to be shipped in the vaccination camps around the United States by his hundredth day as a president, he forgot to mention if the vaccine would be appropriate for children.

There is no doubt that, whether sooner or later, American kids ought to be included in the scenario in order to reach herd immunity. Herd immunity refers to the process where 90% of the population is free from the virus, and the transmission rate is zero. However, it is only possible if the people reach natural immunity from the virus and at least two doses of lab-made vaccine. And since 90% of the population is required to be clean, children are bound to be included.

Whether children or adults, it is quite understandable how the waiting part can create the air of anxiety. That is why authorities recommend everyone to get tested as soon as possible, so the identification of prioritized vaccine candidates can become possible. For instance, the positive results would clarify you as a candidate even if the symptoms are absent. With the deadly virus, we can never be sure.

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