Why is it so serious to get Infections both with the Flu and COVID viruses at the same time?

Infections with both the COVID and Influenza viruses are much more potent than with one alone.  In previous years, people got either the Flu or COVID, but in the Winter of 2022-2023, the risk is higher of getting both at the same time.

Compared to people who are just infected with one virus, people who contract both COVID and the Flu at the same time, fare significantly worse.

Being infected with both the COVID and Influenza viruses has been shown to increase the risk of serious hospitalization and death.  Patients with both Influenza and COVID-19 infections have a higher incidence of requiring mechanical ventilation and death, when compared to infection with either one alone.  Furthermore, individuals that are co-infected with both Influenza and COVID viruses are much more infective than with one alone.

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