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How To Negotiate Health Insurance

What health insurance options do you have? Whether you are scrambling to get the care you need, or have coverage but are unsure of what care is covered, you’re likely feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. There doesn’t have to be a reason for this, however. Today, individuals can get the care they need. Affordable health insurance plans are available. In many cases, your doctor can help.

Negotiating Health Insurance: Your Options

Affordable health insurance isn’t always the first option available today. However, it is possible to negotiate with your employer and the health plan itself to get the care you need. For example, if your current health insurance plan doesn’t provide the coverage you need, find out why:

  • Contact your employer to discuss the amount of protection the plan has.Is your employer willing to help you by extending your coverage? Be a part of conversations with your employer when the time comes to update or renew policies. How can a policy adjustment help you?
  • Discuss with your insurance agency options for expanding coverage.Even those with affordable health insurance plans with basic coverage may be able to encourage the insurer to provide care if a doctor deems it necessary, or the advantages could help defray medical costs down the road.

Learn About the Market

Before you can negotiate with any true sense of power, you need to know about the health insurance market. Do you know all the health insurance options available to you? It’s important to be knowledgeable about the local market, as well. Learn which providers are available, what types of plans they offer locally, and what impacts local pricing. If you don’t have this information, it’s OK to ask for help from local agents.

How to Negotiate With Success

Now that you understand what’s available and you know you can negotiate, roll up your sleeves to do so. It’s important to set some targets, including:

  • What is the minimum and maximum range you can afford?
  • What is your target goal?
  • What types of service do you need?

Most importantly, consider that sometimes you just need to walk away. For example, if a health insurance provider or care provider cannot or will not be flexible, that’s OK. You don’t have to give in — instead, walk away. There are other providers that can help you. Often, that provider will call you back to the table with new opportunities anyway.

It’s important to recognize that insurers and care providers need to be financially profitable. They will work with those that can offer them a reason to keep costs low — such as preventative care or prescreening. However, it is often left to the patient to work toward communicating this information. If you need health care options, medical bill negotiation support, or guidance on finding a plan that fits your budget, don’t give in or give up.

Health Insurance Plans at Aayu Clinics

At Aayu Clinics, we understand the importance of affordable care and medical bill negotiation. Don’t find yourself without the care you need. We offer a variety of health care options including the plans most of our clients are seeking. Take a closer look at the health insurance we take at Aayu Clinics.

Are you struggling to find the financial support you need for necessary care? Learn about our insurance billing practices. You’ll also want to take some time to learn about paying your bill. Remember, with Aayu Clinics, you have options. Contact us today to learn more.

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