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Your One-Stop Resource for All Kinds of Chest and Lung Complaints

For everything from the common cold to whooping cough, Chicago’s Aayu Clinics offers high-quality and affordable health care that’s catered to individual patients. Our cost of care is comparable with that of a regular doctor’s office, and we accept most insurance plans.

Plus, because most patients are treated in about an hour (depending on how many people we are serving at the time), we’re the fast, convenient solution that lets you get in and out of the office quickly and easily.

Whether you need to come in before work, after school or on a Saturday, our clinic serves you with personalized attention regarding any sort of asthma exacerbation, lung infections or related condition. Make an appointment around your schedule or drop by to see if we can meet with you right away.

Treatment Options for Common Cough, Chest and Lung Complaints

As part of our full suite of comprehensive care, our professionals can help you with any of the following conditions:

  • Cold and flu symptoms
  • Cough keeping you up at night
  • Pneumonia

About AAYU Clinics

Staffed by board-certified physicians (many who have emergency room experience), AAYU Clinics is a comprehensive urgent-care health facility. Our clinic follows a patient-centric philosophy that makes patients a top priority, so when you come to us you can count on compassionate, careful treatment every step of the way.

We manage everything from the flu to asthma attacks, and you can set up appointments or come in, even unscheduled, to meet with someone from our team. When you’re dealing with some sort of cough, chest or lung issue, come to us! AAYU Clinics makes sure there is always help available when you need it.

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