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An Endocrine Clinic Specializing in Diabetes Management

Checking your body’s blood sugar level is a crucial component of knowing that insulin is working properly — and that’s why we conduct tests to monitor blood sugar. Testing for blood sugar levels helps endocrinologist specialists understand how well the endocrine system is regulating these levels. Diabetes and other conditions often reveal themselves through these tests.

In fact, conducting a blood sugar test on a regular basis is usually an ongoing part of the lifestyle of an individual with diabetes. If you’ve been feeling off or are otherwise suspicious that you may have abnormal blood sugar levels, Aayu Clinics can perform testing for you.


Have you been diagnosed with diabetes or think you may have symptoms? Are you looking for help managing your disease? Come to our Lakeview office, where endocrinologists can help you manage diabetes treatment and symptoms appropriately. We work with a wide range of patients at various health levels to provide the support and care they need to thrive. We can help provide urgent care for diabetes symptoms as well as help you manage your nutrition to improve your overall health. If you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes, developing a lifestyle plan that includes proper nutrition and exercise is just as important as finding the right medication for your condition. Our diabetes specialists can help you on your way to a healthier lifestyle.

About Aayu Clinics

Set conveniently in the heart of Lakeview, Aayu Clinics is an urgent and personal care clinic providing medical treatment and services 365 days a year. We take a patient-centric approach to health care, meaning that we make the health and safety of each patient our top priority.

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Because we provide a full suite of medical services, you can come to us with any medical condition that is urgent but not life threatening — including a wide range of endocrine concerns. Are you facing issues with blood sugar, allergies and/or diabetes? Could an endocrine problem be at work? Call 773-227-3669 to meet with one of our Chicago diabetes doctors to learn more!

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