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Eye Infections

Itching, swelling, redness and discharge: these are the unmistakable earmarks of an eye infection. Eye infections can take a number of forms, from bacterial and fungal, to the most notorious: conjunctivitis, or pink eye, which is characterized by thick discharge, itching, and a distinct puffy and red appearance. Here are some other common causes of eye infection:

  • Old mascara or eye shadow
  • Contact with infected patients
  • Unclean contact lenses
  • Eye injuries
  • Allergens

AAYU Clinics can provide eye infection treatments that range from antibiotics to antihistamines.


The number one cause of blindness across the globe, cataracts are distinguished by an unmistakable white cloudiness on the eye’s lens. Cataract patients often experience compromised visual acuity, due to an increasingly thick mist in their line of sight. If cataracts interfere with proper vision in a patient’s daily life or will lead to blindness, the patient may opt to have them surgically removed.


Glaucoma can be totally asymptomatic until the pressure on the optic nerve builds up enough to result in partial vision loss, most notably in a patient’s peripheral sight. We recommend regular eye exams every other year after a patient’s 40th birthday. This regular maintenance can help detect glaucoma’s insidious onset. Depending on which type of glaucoma the patient has, prescription eye drops may effectively offset early symptoms. If the condition advances, oral medication can offer therapeutic relief.

Diabetic Retinopathy

The leading cause of blindness in adults over 20, diabetic retinopathy starts insidiously, as peripheral retinal nerves take damage from elevated blood glucose. As time progresses, blood vessels may burst and worsen a patient’s vision. Early signs of diabetic retinopathy range from slightly blurred vision, to visible “floaters” interfering with eyesight. Diabetic patients should have a dilated eye exam yearly to screen for retinopathy in advance, and learn to preventively tweak their diets to prevent the disease’s onset.

Telltale Symptoms of Common Eye Problems

If you’re experiencing eye irritation or pain, we recommend visiting one of our clinics as soon as possible to pinpoint the problem and prevent any further damage. Watch for these red flags, as they could indicate a more deep-seated eye problem.

  • Unexplained flashes of light
  • Floaters
  • Sudden vision loss
  • Intense pain or irritation
  • Redness or itching

Effective Eye Treatments

At AAYU Clinics, our skilled medical staff provides affordable and effective treatments for eye disease, eye infections and degenerative disorders. Our state-of-the-art clinic gives patients access to professional medical care with extended evening and weekend hours to accommodate busy work schedules. The staff will happily follow up with you to track your recovery and address any questions, so we can continue to offer convenient and reliable urgent and ongoing medical care.

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