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Genitourinary Services: Testing & Treatments

As part of our full suite of personal health care services, we provide support for the following health conditions:

  • UTIs — Urinary tract and kidney infections
  • Hematuria – Blood in urine
  • STD Screening
  • STDs/STI Testing (we prefer to call them STIs)
  • Urinary burning or discharge
  • Genital Sores — Differentiation between sores due to HSV1 or HSV2
  • Testing and treatment for chlamydia and other STIs

STD Testing Chicago

At AAYU Clinics, we offer testing and treatment for STIs. Whether you need an STD test for a standard screening or you are showing symptoms of a potential infection and need to be tested to determine what’s going on, our clinic has the on-site diagnostic testing capabilities and laboratory services to help you.

UTI Treatment and Care

When you’re experiencing the symptoms of a UTI, you don’t want to wait a few days to be seen by a doctor — you need help right away. Our urgent care clinic is your resource for fast and effective treatment and care. When you are dealing with extremely frequent urination and/or urgency, a low-grade fever, cramps, burning sensations and similar symptoms, come to our office. Our professionals will provide you with quick and compassionate care that helps you find pain relief through the best treatment options.

About AAYU Clinics

Located right in the heart of Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood, our clinic offers year-round service. We are easily accessible via CTA train, bus or car, and we have a free parking lot adjacent to our building. As a comprehensive care clinic, we provide support for more than just kidney and urinary issues; however, these services are some of the many personal care services we offer.

Along with all your other health care needs, we can give you testing, screening and treatment for UTIs, STIs and more. Plus, because we take a patient-centric approach to treatment and believe in helping each individual in a way that honors his or her needs, you can count on us to manage your complete kidney and urinary health effectively.

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