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Shots and Vaccinations at Aayu Clinics

To prevent various childhood and international diseases, shots and vaccinations can be incredibly important — they’re designed to protect you and your family from serious illnesses and preventable diseases that can be life-threatening. That’s why, as part of our allergy and immunology services at Aayu Clinics, we provide everything from a common flu shot to travel vaccinations. Chicago patients also know they can count on us to be one of the few flu shot locations they can turn to for any and all of their other health care needs. Let us be the clinic for your whole family. Offered alongside our other services, our shots and vaccinations include:

  • Flu shots in season: Flu shots can be an important defense against the flu, especially in people with underdeveloped or compromised immune systems such as young children and the elderly. The flu shot inoculates you with the flu viruses expected to be most prevalent during the current flu season, preparing your immune system and enabling it to fight infection easier.
  • Tetanus shots: Although most children receive a tetanus shot at an early age, the vaccine’s effectiveness weakens over time without periodic booster shots throughout adulthood. The tetanus shot protects against a bacterial infection that can affect the nervous system and cause muscle stiffness. Getting a regular tetanus booster shot from Aayu Clinics is a good way to keep yourself protected from tetanus.
  • Required vaccinations: Children often are required to be immunized against various diseases before they start school. These immunization shots are critical for preventing the spread of serious illnesses including measles, chicken pox and Hepatitis B. Aayu Clinics can provide a wide range of immunizations for you or your child to protect against these diseases.

Not sure if you’re up to date on vaccinations? Look into the recommendations from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to see what’s advisable for you.

Your One-Stop Clinic for the Entire Family’s Health Needs

With Aayu Clinics, your family gains access to more than just a place to get the flu shot in Chicago — we have a complete team of specialists who can treat everything from arm sprains to gastrointestinal disorders and beyond. We know you don’t have time to rush from one office to another just to get your kids’ shots and personal health needs taken care of properly. Let our team manage all your health issues from one of our two Chicago locations. Whether you’re preparing for foreign travel or responding to poison ivy, we have the resources to support you.

About Aayu Clinics

Believing in a patient-centric philosophy of health treatment, Aayu Clinics is a comprehensive urgent care Chicago center that makes our patients’ health our top priority. We are passionate about following through on care — from addressing your questions, to monitoring your progress, to helping you understand how best to heal from an injury. Regardless of what health needs you’re facing, our clinic is here to give you the support and services you need — on your schedule. Our locations are easy to access via bus, CTA or car.

Call us today at 773-227-3669 to set up an appointment for a shot, vaccine or any other need. Or, drop by to receive prompt attention from our urgent care team.

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