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Sports Medicine

Do you have an injury you received during a sporting event? Are you an athlete dealing with a sudden onset of mysterious pain with no known cause? AAYU Clinics are here to help with our comprehensive sports injuries and sports medicine services.

Sports medicine focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of injuries that occur during athletic pursuits. Our sports physicians assist athletes of all levels — from the recreational jogger to the professional training for a marathon — as they recover from sports-related injuries. From ankle injuries to shoulder injuries and even knee pain, if your injury is related to athletics, our sports injury clinic offers fast and convenient care.

Common Sports Injuries Seen at Our Sports Injury Clinic

AAYU Clinics offers the benefits of one convenient location for all types of sports injuries, including:

• Muscle strains
• Hamstring injury
• Shoulder injuries and sprains
• Ankle injuries and sprains
• Knee pain
• Back pain
• Neck pain
• Foot injuries
• Knee sprains
• Hip sprains
• Plantar fasciitis (heel pain)
• Repetitive motion injuries, like carpel tunnel syndrome or tendonitis
• Concussion or other head injuries
• Fractures

If you are dealing with one of these injuries or suspect you have been injured as a result of your athletic activities, stop by AAYU Clinics for a thorough evaluation by our physicians.

Sports Nutrition Counseling Helps You Perform at Your Best

In addition to providing treatment for sports injuries, AAYU Clinics offers sports nutrition counseling to help athletes fuel their bodies well to perform at their best. Our team of sports medicine physicians can help you create a healthy diet designed for better performance while also providing advice about staying properly hydrated so you can be in peak condition.

Training Programs for Athletes

AAYU Clinics understands that certain physical feats require more than just preliminary exercise. If you are going to run a marathon, for instance, you must prepare your body well in order to avoid injury. That is why we offer a marathon training plan that will get your body in the proper shape to endure the grueling realities of running a long-distance race.

With our comprehensive marathon training program, your body will slowly build up to the point that it can withstand the rigors of a marathon. Our physicians will help you learn proper running technique while slowly building your endurance so you are prepared for race day. Partner with our skilled sports medicine physicians to prepare and limit the risk of injury.

Visit Our Sports Medicine Urgent Care in Chicago Today

Sports injuries require the careful skill of a doctor specifically trained to find and treat these injuries. With AAYU Clinics, you don’t have to wait months to be seen by one. Set up an appointment with our sports medicine clinic today, or simply visit for a drop-in appointment. Since all of our care is provided at one clinic, you won’t have to wait days or weeks to finally get an accurate diagnosis and treatment. We are one of Chicago’s most convenient, effective and affordable health care clinics, and we look forward to helping you with your sports injury needs.

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