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Mental and Physical Benefits of Yoga

There are many reasons people choose to pursue this form of activity. Here are some of the major health benefits of yoga:

Yoga is an excellent exercise to speed the body’s detoxification process. Certain yoga poses involve twisting, inverting and compressing the internal organs, which encourage better circulation, and improved flushing of toxins from the body and circulation of lymph. These movements also push fresh blood to the liver and kidneys, providing them with renewed energy as they work to detox the body. Specific detox yoga classes focus extensively on the types of movements that help to detox your liver and the rest of the body, so you enjoy improved health and focus.

The mental benefits of yoga have also been proven. Improved circulation and relaxation leads to better mental acuity. The meditation built into yoga classes helps move concerns from daily tasks to internal needs — reducing stress and removing clutter from the mind. You will leave with a renewed focus and ability to embrace those challenges you face on a daily basis.

Finally, yoga makes your body stronger and healthier. It takes muscle strength and joint flexibility to achieve the various poses in a yoga class. These classes will also improve your breathing and reduce your overall stress levels. Over time, you will notice improved physical and mental health by investing in yoga wellness classes.

Find Your Yoga Class at AAYU Clinics

AAYU Clinics offers a number of yoga and mindfulness classes, all free of charge. Our goal is to make it easy and convenient for everyone to enjoy the benefits of yoga, and that’s why we provide yoga classes right here in our immediate care facility. Some of the classes we have available include:

• Detox yoga — This yoga class works to bring the mind and body into balance to reduce toxins and detox your liver, improve alignment and increase flexibility.
• Hatha yoga — Hatha yoga focuses on core strengthening, balance and breathing to improve mood and muscle tone.
• Mindfulness meditation — Mindfulness meditation will teach you how to take charge of your thoughts to reduce mental clutter and anxiety. This is a beginner-level class and will help charge your mind for the stresses of the week ahead!

All yoga classes are held at our Lakeview location. We accept all experience levels, and ask that you bring your own mat to yoga classes. Otherwise, feel free to join us for one of these complimentary classes! Visit our calendar to see when they are available, or give AAYU Clinics a call at 773-227-3669 to learn more.

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