CDC Endorses Double-Masking as the Threat of Covid-19 Increases

The pandemic, coronavirus, that was first originated in China around the end of 2019, is now present in more than 60 countries, causing the wreck allover the world. Some countries faced the second wave, others faced the third one; however, the US is seemingly riding towards the fourth wave now. Considering the increasing threat of the virus, CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention US, is endorsing double-masking as an ultimate safety precaution.

On 10th February, 2021, CDC released new reports to support the use of double face masks to prevent the spread of the virus more effectively. It is undeniable that people’s lack of cautiousness towards facemasks—and only wearing one if they are absolutely required to—has shown noticeable negative effects. It has been argued several times by medical professionals that the most transmissible way of Covid-19 is through face, i.e., mouth and nose.

Officials at CDC claim in their report that the exposure to virus was reduced by 95% when the subject wore “modified medical procedure masks.” Therefore, the experiments in laboratory support the fact that people should wear good-fit and completely optimized masks. In that case, if one doesn’t work, people are being endorsed to wear two at once.

The new report has simultaneously provided the people with several “hacks” to wear a mask in a better way. That includes preferring cloth masks over medical masks, or simply medical procedure masks with dangling ear loops knotted and tucked-in at sides. The more packed the face is, the less chance there is for the virus to transmit.

The CDC said in their report that double-masking as well as medical procedure masking with knotted ear loops fit the masks more perfectly on face, reducing the person’s exposure to the droplets of simulated respiratory particles. A single mask also works for the protection, but it cannot stop the transmission of particular sizes of particles; therefore, it doesn’t work 100% effectively. However, the new data showed that through double-masking or properly-fitted masking, the size of the droplet particles that is considered critical for the transmission of SARS-Cov-2 do not find enough space to pass through and enter the person’s body.

Additionally, CDC recommended nylon sleeves which starts from hugging the neck and goes all the way up to cover mouth and nose, or mask fitters which can be worn over the mask and tightened behind the ears.

Moreover, CDC recommends everyone to get tested if they haven’t already done it in a while. That is because even though the vaccine is being deployed in trial phases throughout the states, only the people at most risk are prioritized candidates—those are people who have got a positive test result or are very sick.

You can become a prioritized candidate if you get yourself tested for coronavirus and make your identification as a patient more possible an accurate.

Therefore, if you haven’t had your Covid-19 test done, get your appointment scheduled right now for free 15-minute rapid COVID test.

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