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From a sinus infection to a sports injury, when you want fast medical care at reasonable prices, head to urgent care. With urgent care Chicago, you’ll be able to get efficient treatment, often using the same medical equipment found in an emergency room, without having to pay emergency room prices. Immediate care clinics offer 24-hour service, fast responses and lower costs than emergency centers.

Urgent Care Visit Costs Are More Cost-Effective

Emergency rooms are designed to handle exactly what their name suggests: life-threatening emergencies. For this reason, patients who come in with non-emergent needs can clog up the facility — receiving more tests and treatments than necessary. According to an example posted at, the same patient experiencing chest pain could receive an exam, an electrocardiogram and a check of blood-oxygen levels at an urgent care facility for a few hundred dollars — or, she could receive a cardiology consult, heart monitoring and potentially hospital admission at an emergency room for a few thousand. Of course, if you’re ever unsure whether your symptoms are life-threatening or not, it makes sense to go to the emergency room. Though for other, non-life-threatening conditions, going to a walk-in clinic in Chicago makes sense.

Common Reasons to Go to an Urgent Care Clinic

When dealing with a non-life-threatening condition that needs fast attention, you can go to a convenient care center. Some of the common ailments that might be treated there include:

  • Cuts

  • Sprains and simple fractures

  • Eye injuries

  • The flu

  • Fevers

  • Insect or animal bites

  • Skin, rashes and dermatology issues

  • Kidney and urinary complaints

  • Allergies

  • Digestive issues

Urgent Care vs. Emergency Room

In many cases, an urgent care facility will have the same medical equipment and resources that are available in an emergency room. Yet because it focuses on non-life-threatening emergencies, it can often provide care faster and more efficiently than an emergency room could for the same issues. At immediate care in Chicago, a patient can face lower costs, fewer charges and lower co-pays for quality care.

Preventative Health Care to Avoid Going to the ER

Because emergency rooms are designed to manage life-threatening conditions, the best way to avoid needing one is to take preventative care of your health. Maintaining a healthy weight, avoiding harmful substances and leading a healthy lifestyle are all good steps to care for your body. To learn more about ways to stay healthy, you can always visit Aayu Clinics!
Whether you’re dealing with food poisoning, a fracture, an animal bite or something else, come to one of our locations at Aayu Clinics to benefit from fast, effective urgent care services . Learn more about us here — and contact us to make an appointment today.

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