The Myth of 5G Causing Coronavirus Is Spreading Faster than the Virus Itself

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Myths about coronavirus started emerging ever since the virus was first identified, and they are spreading with the speed as the virus itself, or maybe even faster. Particularly, one of the myths we saw the most during the course of pandemic is 5G network causing coronavirus infection.

It is important to remember here that there has been absolutely no scientific evidence of the fact that 5G network causes Covid-19; however, the myth spread rapidly and created a wave of misinformed panic without reason.

A research team from Boston University targeted myths that were already busted on World Health Organization’s public forum, such as use of alcohol, garlic, and the relation between 5G and Covid-19, and used a spreading algorithm to introduce them commonly in eight English speaking countries. After the specific duration, the results came back, and they were shocking. Researchers noticed that the myths were accepted and passed forward without any verification, which led a lot of people to believe in the myths even though WHO denies them. However, researchers around the world have since worked in a challenging environment to make people aware of myths and train them to believe nothing without verification.

The most disturbing factor for the researchers was the fact that the global population is so misunderstood about 5G technology. The myth about 5G causing infection spread faster than any other intentionally distributed myth. Although it has been clearly evident in a vast number of studies that modern technology and high-tech devices are making identification, tracking, and treatment of coronavirus more accurate and possible, people still believe advanced technology to be somehow responsible for the spread of coronavirus. If the technology is bad, then how come medical experts and professionals come into direct contact with it and still survive. Whatever kind of technology people believe to be harmful; it is certainly not 5G technology.

One surprising factor that was put forward by the experts is that 5G technology is not a new one. Experts said that it is a continued development, that was just enhanced enough to become an international standard of communication and preceded 4G technology. If 5G somehow is bad, then 4G is bound to be bad because it is a part of same family, similar case with 3G. And people have been using 3G and 4G for years and years, why didn’t it cause any virus before?

One reason behind this myth is probably the fact that technology developers show little-to-none transparency that makes it easy to create distrust. However, it is known by the science now that 5G is not responsible for the spread or birth of coronavirus. Therefore, staying away from it would not make any difference.

What would make a difference is if you get tested and made your identification, treatment, and clarification more possible for health professionals. Luckily, if you haven’t got tested yet for coronavirus, you can get your appointment scheduled for a free 15-minute quick Covid-19 test.

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