Where to Get Free COVID-19 Vaccine and Test in Chicago, Illinois?

As Chicago has recently slid into the Phase 1C of vaccination, the appointments are now open at the Chicago State University for people of eligibility. The eligibility criteria for Phase 1C are described on the CDC’s government website; it mainly contains people with pre-existing diagnosed medical conditions and those who work in a selected wide range of professions.

Those eligible people who are wondering about where to get the vaccine and where to go get tested for coronavirus read the article till the end, and it will be very simple for you. The mass vaccination site, Chicago State University, was specially prepared to serve the vaccine during Phase 1C. The site is supposed to serve around 1,200 walk-in candidates and 1,000 drive-thru candidates for vaccination appointments. Moreover, the site will operate for 6 days a week; no Sunday.


Furthermore, the Chicago State University is going to administer one shot per appointment of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Reports say that the recent deliveries of approved vaccines, Johnson and Johnson, are increasing dramatically, which have made it possible for the state to administer them in great quantities at a mass vaccination site. What’s more, both Chicago State University and another mass vaccination site adjacent to the Wrigley Field will handle only on-site registration, and appointments can be made on Zocdoc. According to the Chicago press, people of all Phases, 1A, 1B, and 1C, will be able to make appointments at the vaccination site free of cost and insurance documents. The city officials said that the documents regarding immigration status will also not be required. The current goal of the city is to be completely free of the virus, no matter what.

Apart from the mass vaccination site, there are other places from where people can acquire the vaccine. These places include grocery stores, superstores, clinics, hospitals, and pharmacies. However, apart from the vaccine, citizens of Chicago are currently on the fence about the COVID-19 test. On one hand, they are told by the city officials to get tested because of the newly found dangerous virus strain in Illinois. On the other hand, it is nearly impossible to make appointments for vaccination and test at different places, let alone the problem of contagiousness if the test resulted in positive.

Luckily, there is a simple solution to that: find a place where vaccine and tests both are available. And if you haven’t managed to search for a place like that, we have a place for you. Fortunately, residents of Chicago can get doses of verified and approved COVID-19 vaccine. Not only that, but they can get tested for coronavirus as well—tests are available of all kinds, i.e., PCR, Antigen, and Antibodies. If that wasn’t enough, the surprise is that all tests and vaccines are completely free of cost. Eligible residents of Chicago can easily make an online appointment and take advantage of the free facility of COVID-19 tests and vaccines. Make an appointment right now.

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