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The primary purpose of vaccination is to prompt an immune response within the human body by having inactive or weakened parts of a certain organism (antigen). This way, our body becomes able to build the particular antibody that helps us to fight the real antigen (virus or disease).

On the other hand, we know that COVID-19 infection is sometimes asymptomatic, which means there are no signs to show that we are infected. Furthermore, there is no potential vaccine that can stop the virus spread. Therefore, it might be possible that we can have a positive test after being vaccinated. As the vaccine supports our immune system to create antibodies, there are chances that we can get a positive coronavirus antibody test after being vaccinated.


The Effect Of Vaccine On The Result Of PCR Test:

After being vaccinated, you will not show up positive on the PCR test. This test basically detects the copies of the genetic material of the virus for showing an indication that you have been infected. Hence, coronavirus vaccination only transfers a small amount of genetically engineered virus to our brain so that our body’s immune system triggers a reaction. As only a small amount of genetically engineered virus is in our body, so it will not be detected by the PCR test.

Furthermore, when you are actually affected by the coronavirus, the virus is found in great amounts in your blood because it possesses the ability to replicate itself. Some of the vaccines also contain RNA and DNA that will not let the PCR test come positive. And the reason is that the small part of the pathogen’s genetic material is in the vaccine, which can’t replicate. So, there will be no infection and no positive PCR test result after vaccination.


The Effect Of Vaccine On The Result Of Antibody Test:

If you get an antibody test after being vaccinated, there are possibilities that you can have a positive antibody test or even a negative antibody test. A positive test will indicate that you have antibodies, while a negative test will show that the virus has never infected you. Though the test result could be positive or negative in reality, it does not tell anything about the vaccine’s effectiveness.

Generally, the COVID vaccine results in the production of antibodies through your immune system, so you might be positive on your antibody test. On the other hand, if you have never been infected but when you get an antibody test after being vaccinated, the chances are that the test result will show that you were affected by the virus but were asymptomatic.

Thus, it is possible to get a negative COVID test even after the vaccination, and it could happen because the antibody test is also termed the serology test. It might detect the different parts of the virus, specifically the nucleocapsid protein that is different from the one targeted by the spike protein vaccine.


Wrapping Up!

After reading the above facts, we can say that only the antibody test is affected after being vaccinated. On the contrary, the PCR test is not affected, and it tells the accurate result about the virus. So, if you are feeling sick, you should go for a PCR test to ensure the presence of the coronavirus. Otherwise, get vaccinated as soon as possible so that you can potentially fight the COVID-19 by yourself.

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