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Although the Americans have their fingers crossed for the conclusion of the pandemic, considering how the 2021 summer would be marked with a milestone of the most adults getting vaccinated. However, the overlooked lives of children have not been estimated yet for the vaccination. This absence of consideration is a big problem – for children, their families, and authorities who look after them – because ever since the reopening of the schools, the transmission rate of the coronavirus had increased significantly.

Although the virus has been somewhat controlled – what with rapid testing and vaccination camps – and it is indeed true that children do not catch the virus as efficiently as adults, it is still not over for them. The overall transmission of children might be lesser than the adults, but without the vaccination of children, herd immunity would not be achieved.

Scientists have said that complete immunization of the country – herd immunity – would be achieved when 80% of the population will be vaccinated. In this scenario, we cannot rule out children from the mentioned 80%. Thus, their vaccination is now as important as adults.

It is natural that the children are less careful; they are less likely to follow the standard operating procedures defined by the CDC at the beginning of the pandemic. It is adults who have made sure of children’s safety till yet in schools and public places. However, if the authorities are practically planning the herd immunity, it is high time that we demand the reports to be released about the calculation of vaccine deployment aiming towards the American kids.

According to the reports of New York Tims, two US-made and approved vaccines, Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna, are now deployed around the states’ vaccination camps for children of age 12 or older. Although the testing on children has begun, the exclusive vaccines for minors aren’t expected to arrive for many months.

It was a vastly believed idea that a prior infection to a usual-spread coronavirus might provide immunity – a shield – from the virus in the future. However, the NY Times report further said that that idea has been doubtful under new research. It has now come to light that past experience with garden-variety Covid-19 might not protect some people, especially children, from getting infected again from the pandemic.

Unless the vaccines for children reach the vaccination camps and clinics, the kids are following strict social distancing and proper safety guidelines – such as the use of sanitizer and wearing a mask – in schools and parks. It is expected of parents to make sure their kids stay virus-free until they are vaccinated.

Parents can make sure of it by getting their kids tested for coronavirus if they exhibit any symptoms, like cough, headache, stomachache, or fever. Even the lightest symptom shouldn’t be ignored with kids. In the case of such symptoms, parents are recommended to get their kids’ appointment scheduled once for a free rapid COVID-19 test, with results available within 15 quick minutes.

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